Unit 1

 Unit 1 Essay

1 . Risk management is addressing a negative

event in order to occurs.

A. True

N. False

2 . With respect to THIS security, a risk may result

in either a positive or maybe a negative result.

A. Authentic

B. Phony

3. In accordance to PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, which term describes

the list of identiоЂЃоЂѓed hazards?

A. Risk checklist

M. Risk enroll

C. Risk methodology

G. Mitigation list

4. Which kind of risk analysis uses formulas

and numerical values to point risk severity?

A. Goal risk research

B. Qualitative risk examination

C. Very subjective risk analysis

D. Quantitative risk analysis

5. Which sort of risk analysis uses relative ranking?

A. Aim risk examination

B. Qualitative risk evaluation

C. Subjective risk evaluation

D. Quantitative risk analysis

6. Which risk-analysis value represents the annual

probability of the loss?





six. Which risk-response option could best describe

getting оЂЃоЂѓre insurance?

A. Acknowledge

B. Reduce

C. Copy

D. Steer clear of 8. Which risk response would be best suited

in case the impact of your risk being a reality

is minimal?

A. Acknowledge

B. Reduce

C. Transfer

D. Steer clear of

9. Which of the pursuing statements finest describes

the relationship of your BCP to a DRP?

A. A BCP is required but a DRP is certainly not

B. A DRP can be described as component of a BCP

C. A DRP is required yet a BCP is not

D. A BCP is a component of a DRP

15. Which term is used to point the amount

of data reduction that is suitable?





11. A(n) ________ identiоЂЃоЂѓes processes that are

important to the procedure of a business.

12. Which will risk-assessment technique is marketed

as being a self-directed approach and offers two diverse

editions for agencies of different sizes?





13. ________ is the U. S. security-related act

that governs health-related data.



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