Questions Device 2 Pt2520

 Questions Product 2 Pt2520 Essay

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Mrs. Hubbard

1 . What exactly is database requirement?

2. The requirements for the logical and physical database vary simply by size and design variables. A logical data source must be in a position to access and identify all files in the storage system to operate properly, whereas a physical database deals with a much smaller sized field info. Sometimes, an actual database shops only an individual file with one value or term in it.

2 . Precisely what is the primary purpose of a report?

5. A file used to screen summarized or perhaps formatted info.

3. What is the primary reason for a form?

* A document that is used to assemble data.

four. What is the domain of your database?

2. This is the focus of the databases.

5. Precisely what is work shadowing?

* This means following and observing individuals as they move through their work routine.

6. What is a prospect key?

* A Candidate Key can be any column or a mixture of columns that may qualify since unique key in database. There may be multiple Prospect Keys in one table. Every Candidate Crucial can define as Primary Key.

7. What is a blend key?

* A key that consist of multiple attribute.

almost eight. What is a all-natural key?

* A key made from one or more of an entity's " natural” characteristics.

9. Precisely what are the advantages of any natural important?

* Natural keys prevent copy rows, for the reason that attributes are part of the main key. Virtually any duplicate group of data will probably be rejected by being placed by plain primary crucial logic (unique and not null). This considerably increases the overall data top quality compared to man-made keys.

10. What is a surrogate key?

* An artificially created key, often simply auto-incremented quantities

11. What exactly is stakeholder?

* Anyone with a " stake” in the final product. Anyone that will use or be affected by the database.

doze. What is an exception (with consider to a database)?...

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5. Logical and Physical Repository Requirements simply by Jonathan Repertorier, Demand Press

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