Philippine Consumers Most Loyal in the World

 Philippine Consumers Most Devoted in the World Article

Filipino Consumers Many Loyal On the globe

By: Oliver Bayani, Israel

Published: January 24, 2013


Thailand - Online consumers in the Philippines happen to be among the world's most loyal to brands familiar to them, with only two out of 10 ready to try new items from an alternative, according to a new review from Nielsen. Eighty percent of on-line Filipino consumers prefer to buy new products via a familiar manufacturer rather than in order to a new brand, figures by Nielsen's Global Survey of recent Product Order Sentiment advises. Global buyers, in comparison, are more open to test, with some out of 10 respondents with access to the internet saying they are willing to get new products coming from another brand. Internationally, 60% of respondents were also reluctant to switch brands. " Consumers are enthusiastic about adopting cool product innovations yet somewhat will be certainly trepidation regarding embracing fresh brands, " said Stuart Jamieson, taking care of director of Nielsen Israel. Philippine-made

Filipinos were also located to put more faith to local alternatives than any kind of another country in Asia Pacific, with 53% of respondents saying they are incomplete towards Philippine-made products above global brands. In contrast, only one-fourth (26%) of Asia Pacific respondents say they do not favor regional brands. New items are welcome to most of Filipino participants, with 77% saying they can be open, although Nielsen located that proof-of-concept is also important to them. About 74% explained they are willing to wait until a fresh product has proven on its own. Jamieson highlights that innovative developments by reliable brands is a powerful technique but may not yield benefits immediately. " Introducing enhancements on proven brands that are already dependable by consumers can be a powerful strategy. Vast amounts are getting spent on cool product innovation by manufacturers, but two from every three new items will not be on the market within 3 years. " What to do?

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