Of Rats and Guys

 Of Rodents and Guys Essay

‘Of Rats and Men'

In David Steinbeck's novella ‘Of Rodents and Men', set in the 1930s, that presents an adverse view on ladies. Throughout the span of the publication, the women will be treated with contempt. Steinbeck highlights that women are generally troublemakers who bring ruin about men and drive all of them mad. This individual shows a first-rate example of this kind of destructive tendency with Curley's wife, who also flaunts around the ranch as being a temptress. In the novella, Steinbeck introduces us to limited, rather misogynistic, descriptions of ladies who will be either dead material statistics or prostitutes with Aunt Clara and Suzy. The portrayal of ladies in Of Mice of Men is limited and unflattering. Of Rats and Men depicts very few girls, which shouldn't be surprising taking into consideration the characters with whom the novel is involved. The book is completely outclassed by man characters which usually reflect the patriarchal contemporary society that America was in 1930s. Steinbeck uses structure and language to share his character types and views to the reader.

The key women in the novel stands to be Curley's wife, despite Steinbeck's manifestation, she emerges as a fairly complex and interesting personality. Her function is rather simple in the book's opening pages as she's referred as a " tramp”, " bitch” and " tart” from Candy. The girl with illustrated to be the person that intends to damage the male joy and extended life. Women were known as a attraction and a threat to men " quote by page 52”. Curley's better half is displayed as incongruous on a working ranch because she is a women and being so Steinbeck creates her appearance of your fiery persona to show her flirtatious, excited and attention-seeking side. Though her persona and persona has an influence on the male relationships, she basically given a name which portrays her low status in world that people consider her like a possession that belongs to Curley hence ‘Curley's Wife'. This kind of applied to almost all women who had been around at that time. She is a domestic physique - all things considered, she is hitched to Curley...



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