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The multiverse (or meta-universe, metaverse) is definitely the hypothetical group of multiple likely universes (including the traditional universe we all consistently experience) that jointly comprise exactly what exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy plus the physical regulations and constants that describe them. The term was coined in 1895 by American thinker and psychiatrist William James.[1] The various globe within the multiverse are sometimes referred to as parallel universes. The composition of the multiverse, the nature of each universe within it as well as the relationship between your various ingredient universes, depend on the specific multiverse hypothesis regarded as. Multiverses had been hypothesized in cosmology, physics, astronomy, faith, philosophy, transpersonal psychology and fiction, particularly in scientific research fiction and fantasy. During these contexts, parallel universes can also be called " alternative universes", " portion universes", " interpenetrating dimensions", " parallel dimensions", " parallel worlds", " alternative realities", and " option timelines", and the like. Contents [hide]

1 Multiverse hypotheses in physics

1 . 1 Tegmark's classification

1 ) 1 . 1 Level My spouse and i: Beyond the cosmological horizon

1 . 1 . 2 Level II: Univers with different physical constants

1 ) 1 . 3 Level 3: Many-worlds meaning of segment mechanics 1 . 1 . 4 Level IV: Ultimate Outfit

1 . two Cyclic hypotheses

1 . three or more M-theory

1 ) 4 Anthropic principle

1 ) 5 WMAP cold spot

1 . 6th Criticisms

1 . 6. you Non-scientific claims

1 . 6. 2 Indirect Evidence

1 ) 6. three or more Occam's Razor blade

2 Multiverse hypotheses in philosophy and logic

2 . 1 Modal realism

2 . 2 Trans-world identity

2 . 3 Fictional realism

three or more Multiverse ideas in religion and spirituality

3. you Hinduism

a few. 2 Islam

3. 3 Planes of existence

several. 4 The grave

3. five Eschatology

5 In popular culture

5. 1 Materials

4. 2 Film

4. 3 Television set

4. 4 Other fictional uses

five See likewise

6 References

6. you Notes

six. 2 Bibliography

7 Exterior links

[edit]Multiverse hypotheses in physics

[edit]Tegmark's classification

Cosmologist Max Tegmark has supplied a taxonomy of societe beyond the familiar observable universe. The amount according to Tegmark's classification are set up such that subsequent levels could be understood to encompass and expand upon previous levels, and they are quickly described beneath.[2][3] [edit]Level I: Past our cosmological horizon

A generic conjecture of disorderly inflation is definitely an unlimited ergodic universe, which, staying infinite, must contain Hubble volumes recognizing all primary conditions. Appropriately, an unlimited universe can contain an infinite number of Hubble volumes, every having the same physical regulations and physical constants. In regard to configurations like the distribution of matter, just about all will differ from our Hubble volume. Nevertheless , because there are much many, much beyond the cosmological intervalle, there will sooner or later be Hubble volumes with similar, as well as identical, constructions. Tegmark quotes that an similar volume to ours needs to be about 1010115 meters faraway from us (a number larger than a googolplex).[4][5] [edit]Level II: Societe with different physical constants

" Bubble universes", every hard drive is a bubble universe (Universe 1 to Universe 6 are different bubbles, they have physical constants which have been different from the universe), our universe is just one of the bubbles. In the topsy-turvy inflation theory, a variant of the cosmic inflation theory, the multiverse as a whole is stretching and will continue this forever, sometimes regions of space stop stretching and kind distinct...



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