Mgmt 655 Gtrevino Alex Sanders Case St

 Mgmt 655 Gtrevino Alex Sanders Case St Essay

1 . What is your assessment of Sander's Performance? Please be certain. Alex Sanders is someone extremely self-confident of his ability and skills. His academic qualifications (Stanford and MIT) reveals a person who thrives under difficult environments. The successful rebrand of two national care products reflected his capacity to flourish in energetic business surroundings. His capability to learn and adapt to fresh roles displays his capacity to identify details gaps needed to perform crucial tasks in the overall product process (e. g. understanding packaging and manufacturing). Alex Sander's performance driven personality affects his ability to always be an effective leader. His partidista approach (" my way or the highway”) to every task and lack of confidence to other team members truncate every single possibility to work efficiently with people of the organization (e. g. does not deal with all personnel equally). His negative point of view about this boat performance assessment resulted from his egocentric performance explanation (" I am usually right”). Therefore, he shown little desire for reviewing the feedback's benefits, which dealt with critical parts of concern linked to his leadership/management style.

2 . What behavior's simply by Alex are having the greatest impact on the 360* data offered by the co-workers? Which of those behaviors happen to be positive and which are adverse? Positive Behaviors:

Promoting and enhancing task visibility.

Providing innovative and successful project solutions.

Assisting and encouraging (negatively) others to adapt to all their new role.

Adverse Behaviors:

Frequently demoting colleagues' performance.

Nearing unilaterally every single project task.

Challenging attitude.

3. What really does the 360* info tell us regarding Alex's likely career accomplishment? If you were Mike Glass, would you spend more time in assisting Sander's improvement at Landon? The information provided in the efficiency review represented a different individual. On one hand, colleagues...



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