Lyric Analysis Billy Talent

 Essay about Lyric Evaluation Billy Expertise

Bullying is something that affects various people today. Children are the most likely focuses on of this kind of indecent and often fatal scenarios. Many of them proceed unheard and end up battling with a lifetime of agony and distress however in the case in the narrator in Billy Talent's " Not lose”, he/she goes through college being bullied and eventually gets rid of his self/her self as a result of agony he/she went through. The band uses many photos, symbols, and figurative language to illustrate the events with the narrator's life.

There are many images in the song that would produce a picture of what the narrator is going through in life. The band uses the image of the narrator looking in the mirror to see if he is still generally there as an example of your person searching for his or her home because they have been bullied so often. A large number of struggle with locating a self-image after being mistreated so much, these individuals lack self-confidence and the bravery to stand up to the bullies, which causes these to be more prone to being bullied. " Children just want to tease, who'd know it set me subterranean at seventeen”. This series depicts the narrator staying teased a great deal and the youngsters that did it not caring, that it set he/she inside the ground in the young age of seventeen. Father and mother should never need to bury their children, but when children that wish to be bullies continuously scrutinize the harmless kids that causes the children that are being teased to react to the way they experience themselves, this often leads to suicide. The narrator says " mother and father had no clue i ate my lunches only in the bathroom”, this implies that that the just place he/she felt secure was in the bathroom alone. They did not have the strength to share with his/her father and mother because of just how insecure they felt. Depression caused by intimidation often will go unnoticed out of anxiety about what may come next if people speak their minds to others. Another image that could generally be looked over is the image of the days not really changing. The narrator...



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