Enlightenment and the Frech Revolution

 Enlightenment and the Frech Wave Essay

There were a large number of

views with the issue of slavery during the Enlightenment and the

French Trend, and the resolution of slavery affected

economics, politics, and social order. The slave trade

triangle between The european countries, west Africa, and the Indies has a

great affect upon European economics during this time. The

only method for this elaborate trade triangle to job is if there

were dark Africans available for export to the Indies because

slaves. In the event they were unavailable, then the landowners in the

" new world " weren't capable to produce the sugar, coffee, and

cigarettes for foreign trade to The european countries, and the outlet broken. These

African slaves were practical, according to Guillaume

Raynal (document 6), because they were thought to be even more

comfortable doing work in the hot conditions of the Indies,

because they had originally are derived from a very hot climate in

Africa. To make the best usage of the land, more

efficient workers can be needed, thus the slaves.

The issue of slavery has considerable impacts about French national politics

during the Enlightenment and the trend. Many colonists

and landowners were mixed up over the product of The

Declaration of Rights of Person to slaves and blacks

(document 13). If it did apply to all of them then slavery would be

eliminated, which (according to file 10) might cause

the colonies to loose business, essentially destroying them

since French colonists had simply profits from their trade to

live on. Those who were against slavery (documents 9, 15)

used The Declaration of Rights of Man because their main resource,

in that it declared similar rights to all or any men, not just to light

men. Slavery affected Western european society as well in many ways.

Generally, in terms of European society, most of the people were

against slavery, on the grounds that African slaves were

persons too, and so they deserved similar basic legal rights

declared in The Declaration with the Rights of Man. The majority of

suggested the...



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