Factors Affecting the Performance inside the L. Electronic. T.

 Factors Impacting the Functionality in the L. E. T. Essay



IN THE L. Electronic. T., H. Y. 2006-2010

An Undergraduate Thesis

Presented to

the Faculty of Cavite State University -- Rosario

Serie, Cavite

In partial completion of the

requirements for the Degree of

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education






The most important breakthrough of teaching as a profession was enacted of Ur. A 7836, " The Teachers' Professionalization Act of 1994. ” The whole education world got causes to rejoice upon promulgation from the law, for the time being the instructing profession was at par while using other 41 professions in the country. The Professional Control Commission outlined teaching as the 42nd profession inside the Philippines hereon, nobody might engage in the profession with no license (Colinares, 2010) Licensure examination intended for teachers offers a valuable framework against which will teaching practice can be measured and authorized. The professional license serves as the passport to practice the profession. (Salandanan, 2001). It is just a very important evaluation, as ones' teaching profession may well rely upon its end result. This' of course is a supply of worry intended for teachers (Guanko, 2011). Completing the Licensure examination, you will be a professional instructor and has the rights and privileges as being a licensed educator with agreement with the Magna Carta for public educators. He or she will therefore be eligible to teach in government acknowledged schools in the country. Passing the LET gives prestige not only to the passer or to all their family nevertheless also towards the school wherever they study (Buhay, M., B. M., G. G., 2003). And understanding how come candidates fail is an excellent technique of recognizing and avoiding the most typical pitfalls and traps (Gondolo, 2005). There is not any magic in passing – solid schooling, broad knowledge and obvious thinking are generally basic requirements. But a prescription to get...



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