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п»їGiven the record structure demonstrated in Number P1. one particular, answer Complications 1 -- 4.

PHYSIQUE P1. one particular The Document Structure for Problems 1-4

1 . Just how many records does the data file contain? Just how many areas are there every record? There are 5 filds, each with 7 information

2 . What problem would you encounter if you wanted to develop a listing by simply city? How would you fix this problem simply by altering the file structure? Some of the project managers will be mentioned repeatedly, that would cause duplication inside the city repository.

several. If you desired to produce a listing of the record contents simply by last name, place code, town, state, or zip code, how might you alter the record structure?

Break down address features, by separating MANAGER_ADDRESS into their component parts (MGR_STREET, MGR_CITY, MGR_STATE, and MGR_ZIP), Same for DIRECTOR: MGR_LASTNAME, MGR_FIRSTNAME, and MGR_INITIAL, For example , creating a phone directory is easy when you can sort by simply last name, initially name, and initial. As well by separating the phone number into location code and number, we might be able to obtain an area code.

4. What data redundancies do you detect? How could individuals redundancies cause anomalies? Ms. Paker contact number and talk about also occur three times. If Ms. Parker moves and changes her phone number, these changes should be made over and over again and they must all be built correctly. A similar problems can be found for the multiple situations of George F. Dorts.

5. Identify and discuss the serious info redundancy concerns exhibited by the file structure shown in Figure P1. 5.

FIGURE P1. your five The Record Structure for Problems 5-8

project Identity, Project #, Employee quantity, Job Table, Job Code: employee Summer H. Sattlemeier is deleted from the file, you also drop information about the presence of the JOB_CODE = EE, its by the hour charge of $85. 00, and the PROJ_HOURS = 17. 5. Loosing the PROJ_HOURS value will certainly ultimately show that the Seacoast project is definitely not billed properly, hence causing a loss of PROJ_HOURS*JOB_CHG_HOUR =...



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